Today more families are choosing cremation instead of burial than in the past. Many believe that cremation offers options that traditional burial does not. For example - greater flexibility in timing, a variety services, and costs associated with services, in some cases this is true. But before deciding whether or not cremation is for you, there are some things to consider.

Is Cremation for me?

It is important to realize that cremation is just another way, like burial or entombment, of disposing of the body of a loved one after death. If this method of disposal is chosen, a service, either at a church or in our chapel is still possible, either before or after the cremation takes place to give the surviving family closure. 

Cremated remains can still be interred at a cemetery or can be kept for disposition at a later date.  This in turn, offers additional time for some family members to travel, plan services, arrange for special events, etc...

However such additional time also prolongs the grieving process and may create additional anguish not normally experienced with services happening in a shorter period of time after the death of a loved one.

What options are available for cremation?

• Traditional Funeral with Cremation  
The more popular choice of late, The Traditional Funeral with Cremation following  includes all of the features of a Traditional Funeral, including but not limited to:  Basic Services of Funeral Director and Staff, Embalming, Visitation, Services in your Church or our Chapel, Crematory Fees and the Medical Examiners Fee.  A cremation casket is purchased or use of our "ceremonial rental casket"  is used to hold the body during the ceremonies and visitations. Instead of interment of the casket in a cemetery the cremation process takes place following services.

• Memorial Service held at Funeral Home, Church or other location 
Following direct cremation a memorial service is held at the Funeral Home, Church or other location. The ashes do not have to be present or they can be displayed in an urn or other container.

• Graveside Service
Following cremation a graveside service is held to inter the cremated remains in ground or inurn into a columbarium niche.

• Direct Cremation- 
Direct cremation without any attendant rites or ceremonies. This includes the basic services of the funeral director and staff local removal of remains at home or an institution, refrigeration, local transportation to the crematory, crematory fee, and the District 10 Medical Examiner Fee.

These are just a few of the more popular ways that people find to say there goodbyes to a loved one when cremation is selected. 

After the Cremation is completed There are many options such as, Burial in a Cemetery, Inurnment into a Columbarium Niche, Keeping the cremated remains at home in an urn, Having a portion of the cremated remains made into a diamond; Scattering at sea (Local, State and Federal EPA laws may need to be consulted),  placement in a Cremated Remains Manmade Reef;  There are even companies that will send the remains into outer space for a fee. 

Why Use Oak Ridge Funeral Care for my Cremation and other service needs?

In short. Continuing a Family Tradition Since 1933.

Oak Ridge Funeral Care is locally and family owned, one of the few "family" owned and operated funeral homes in the area. 

Most people don't realize that most of the other funeral homes in the area are owned by Giant Publicly Traded Conglomerates, and are beholden to the Investors of Wall Street and not the Public in the local area we serve. 

We don't need to worry about what the big bosses in the other towns think, we just need to make sure we serve our community to the best of our abilities. 

We also have one of the newest most advanced computerized cremation retorts in the county with the latest in cremation processing equipment, operated by our full time professional staff.

If you have any other questions please feel free to call, we are always here for you.